Earn money by watching videos sound pretty cool. Are you tired of scrolling and getting no reward at the end? Definitely! you will feel guilty that you have wasted a lot of time that you can spend on your productive work.
If you scroll too much, time passes quickly.
Imagine! you are sitting on your couch and having fun with your snacks, enjoying the videos, and getting some extra cash in return. So, isn’t it cool to get extra cash while doing what you love?

So, in this article, we will uncover some secret strategies to earn your passion into cold cash. To get started with any online work, which gives you quick money does not mean that they make you rich tonight. Take these platforms to earn some extra cash. Earn money by watching videos will not make you rich, but it will provide you with are real opportunity to earn extra cash in your spare time. You will not feel guilty at the end of the day that you have spent too much time scrolling at the end when you see your reward in your account.

Here are a lot of legitimate sites that pay you real money by watching videos. You can watch from short reels to full lengthy videos, depending upon your interest. A lot of platforms allow you to earn money by watching videos. You have to find the legit and the real one to turn your spare time into the profitable, and productive thing.

Here are the top 10 best sites that pay you real money by watching videos

  1. Insta GC
  2. Watch2Earn
  3. ClipClaps
  4. Sprout gigs
  5. Toluna
  6. Inbox Dollars
  7. Swagbucks
  8. pride rebel
  9. Branded surveys
  10. Earnably
  11. Qmee

1: Insta GC

insta GC is an instant earning platform, where you can earn points by completing tasks and watching videos. It offers you a variety of options to earn points and you can redeem these points for various rewards and gift cards like Amazon, and PlayStation. You can also withdraw your money in your Paypal or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The best thing about Insta GC is it pays you more than the other platforms that also pay you for watching videos. It has more earning potential. You can also watch different videos to maximize your points. Shorts and lengthy videos are also available that pay you some or more points based on the video length. And their minimum payout threshold is 100 points. When you have completed 100 points in your account, withdraw your money in your gift cards or your account through PayPal, cryptocurrency, or gift cards.

Overall, it is a Legitimate platform where you can make your expectations to earn some extra cash. But it does not pay you a lot of money. So, keep your expectations real, and don’t expect a lot.
Just enjoy your watching videos, and make your time precious by also scrolling through videos. Now your scrolling is converting into real cash. So, this is the best way to earn while sitting on the couch and having fun with snacks.

Here are some tips to maximize your earnings on installing GC

  • You can refer this app to your friends family and other social media platforms to make some extra points
  • Consistently watch videos
  • Be active
  • Participate in a different contest
  • Find different options to earn more points like completing surveys, playing games, and many more

2: Watch2Earn

Watch2Earn is another video platform where you can also earn money by watching ads, entertainment, funny, and promotional videos. You can also earn some extra cash by completing different offers and referring it to your friends, family members and anywhere you want to share it.

After watching these videos, earn some points and redeem them through PayPal, Visa card, debit card credit, cryptocurrency, and gift cards.
It is a legit platform but its earning potential is less than Insta GC.
Before starting your earnings, Keep in mind that it is time-consuming. You have to invest your time to earn more points if you love watching, This platform is definitely for you.

3: ClipClaps

ClipClaps is another short video-watching platform where you can also earn money as well. Also lot of options to earn money are available like different categories of fun, gaming, music, short reels, and many more. The best thing about ClipClaps is that you can also earn more money by uploading your content. Here is more earning potential than others.

You can also show your creativity and also find a lot of opportunities to earn while uploading your content, and by watching videos. After collecting points, redeem these points for a Diamond or gift card.
It is a real platform where you can earn some extra cash but always keep in mind that take it as your side doesn’t rely on it.

4: Sprout gigs

Sprout Gigs is a legitimate platform where you can earn money by watching short videos and giving reviews about that specific video. Companies and brands pay sprout gigs to collect reviews about their products, and apps. So, to collect the reviews of users, they pay for these types of platforms. And you, as a user can provide them reviews and feedback to earn points on sprout gigs.
There is more potential to earn money by watching videos and providing your review about it.

You can earn about 0.05$ to 0.15 per video. It depends upon the length and type of the video you are watching and providing your review. Earn money by watching videos is fun, and after watching every video we also thought that this part was awesome and enjoyed the whole video because of this specific part. After watching any type of video, you gossip that this is good or not. So, after watching the video, give them a review about it and earn more cash.

Always keep in mind that your expectations should be real and don’t expect too much from these types of micro worker tasks. It is the type of side Hustle in your spare time.
If you want to earn more money on the sprout gigs by watching videos, you should be active in finding every new task. Provide your feedback and reviews honestly. Don’t try to do it in a hurry.
Complete every task efficiently.
Don’t think that by watching some videos you can earn a lot of points. To get more points, you can also find some other task that is available on the platform, complete them, and earn more money.

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