How Mobile Phones Catch Wi-Fi

By | February 14, 2022

Mobile phones are often referred to as smartphones because they do far more than just making phone calls. With apps, text messages, email, web browsing, and even video chat, it’s easy to understand why mobile data use continues to skyrocket. But why do mobile phones connect to Wi-Fi or your smartphone carrier’s data network? Learn the answer in this article on how mobile phones catch Wi-Fi.


What is Wi-Fi?

Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) is a technology used to allow devices to connect wirelessly to one another. A device that can access Wi-Fi is known as a wireless device, a mobile device, or simply Wi-Fi enabled. Examples of wireless devices include cell phones, laptops, tablet computers, and video game consoles. To access public or private networks—known as hot spots—wireless devices must be configured with security information via a process called authentication. This allows you to go online in places where you have never been before and even outside of your provider’s coverage area!


What Can We Do With Our Smartphones?

We’ve all been in a situation where our smartphone isn’t working. We turn it on and nothing happens – that cold screen staring us down, just begging to be clicked on. Maybe we ran out of battery or maybe there was a storm nearby and it blew out our coverage area. Whatever happened, one thing’s for sure: if you can see a cell tower, your phone should be able to call and text other people, right? But sometimes it doesn’t work that way. So what can we do about it? Why does it happen? How can we fix our phones when they won’t connect to cell towers? Here’s how smartphones catch WiFi signals and how to connect your devices.


The 3G/4G Connection

The 3G/4G Connection Downside The first thing to understand is how cellular networks function. Right now, most cellular connections are through third-generation (3G) or fourth-generation (4G) wireless data networks; these connections only send voice calls and text messages back and forth between phones. If you have full service with 4G LTE but aren’t getting any bars…If I have my laptop open up connected via ethernet cable to Verizon FiOS, everything works fine…But if I use Wi-Fi as my internet connection from my iPad / iPhone then the email goes down as well as web browsing…What’s going on here? Why does it seem like Verizon is deliberately blocking WiFi access?


Where is WiFi Accessible?

Your mobile devices are constantly catching signals, ranging from wifi and cell towers to radio waves and microwaves. So what is all that noise? How do wireless signals differ from one another? And most importantly: how does your phone know when to catch a wifi signal and make a call? The answer lies in our ever-evolving understanding of electromagnetic radiation. It’s just another day in tech!

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The secret of WiFi

In order to understand how a mobile phone catches WiFi, you need to first understand how wireless networks operate. All radio communications transmit in two ways: they send and receive information. In order for a phone to send information, it has to be able to both receive and transmit. However, if a device is already communicating with another device through Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC), it cannot also be receiving signals from other devices at the same time because of hardware limitations—that’s where WiFi comes in.

WiFi before reverting back to data use only

If multiple devices are trying to communicate with one another but don’t have enough bandwidth to do so, WiFi can step in as an intermediary that allows them all to communicate at once. Since your cell phone constantly monitors whether it can catch any WiFi connections while on standby mode, it is technically possible for you to send text messages via your home or office connection when away from your carrier signal. While most carriers block users from sending SMS messages over their data plans, some countries allow a few texts over WiFi before reverting back to data use only. The number of free text messages offered varies depending on which country you live in; for example, Telstra offers 6 free texts per month before reverting back to data-only messaging.


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