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You know you want to be making more money as an online writer, but you also know that the payout there in the freelance world isn’t what it could be. If you’re tired of writing articles for pennies or peanuts or whichever cliche for crappy pay you prefer, here are some tips on how to negotiate your rates and make them pay out better than ever. ##### pays, articles, negotiate}


Make money from Writing articles

The most obvious way to start making money online is by writing articles. Sites like HubPages or Squidoo pay authors on a per-page-view basis and offer visitors great content as well as advertising opportunities. Getting started is easy—all you need is an idea, a computer, and a little bit of free time. However, once you’ve established yourself, it’s important that you optimize your site to maximize its earning potential (Hint: free PPC services like AdWords or Bing could be helpful).

Also, keep in mind that articles take time; you don’t want to just crank out 500 words each day without any thought given to quality. It may seem slow at first, but over time you can earn more from these sites than from flippant posts elsewhere. But remember: if you want money from your work, give readers something valuable; otherwise they have no reason to pay for it.


Make $100 per article

Looking to freelance your way into some extra cash? Freelance writers are always in demand, and you can make $100 per post if you know how to play things right. If you want to get started writing online professionally but aren’t sure where or how, here’s a simple path: Build your portfolio by pitching guest posts on high-traffic blogs. Once you have some work under your belt, start pitching to sites that pay (like TechCrunch or Copyblogger). You may have more success if you position yourself as an expert in a certain area of interest; see Hack #77 , Become an Expert, for tips. Once you have multiple articles published on reputable sites with solid traffic numbers, consider marketing yourself to potential clients directly (maybe via Twitter or LinkedIn) with testimonials from other clients and referrals from editors at relevant publications.



Use Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can offer your services in exchange for $5. You can sell anything on Fiverr—tasks, projects, crafts, skills—and you’ll find everything from proofreading and graphic design work to audio and video production services. Fiverr is super simple to use, and it’s easy. Enough to create an account so that you can start working immediately. Each gig requires a description of what you’re offering; be sure that it’s detailed enough so people know exactly what they’re paying for!

Pricing should be straightforward and reflect how much time you expect it will take you to complete each task. For example, if something will take two hours to finish, price it at $50. When accepting payment through PayPal or Google Wallet (Fiverr’s built-in payment processor), keep all fees in mind—including their 1% transaction fee as well as any card fees if applicable. If your PayPal account has limited funds available. Or doesn’t have enough free credit available, Fiverr might decide not to process payments until one of those situations changes.


Keep Negotiating

Once you’ve been offered a salary, be sure to negotiate. It’s okay if you have no prior negotiating experience and have little knowledge of what’s reasonable—all is not lost. You can almost always get more than you’re initially offered. If you do your research ahead of time, know. What a fair market value is (and whether or not it applies to your situation). And are firm in requesting an increase when presented with an offer. There’s a good chance that, as long as you don’t sound. Desperate, condescending or whiny (which makes people want to say no before. They even consider your request). You’ll be able to work out a deal that works for both parties. Good luck!

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