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Satellite Technology Gives Location Of Device


Satellite technology allows you to know the exact location of your device. It was originally used by the military to track missiles but has found a new use in the hands of civilians, tracking cars, pets, and even children and senior citizens through their smartphones or GPS-enabled devices. SATLIEF will work with any GPS-enabled device, including Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPods, Windows Phones, and any other mobile phone or tablet operating system that uses satellite signals to triangulate location data.


How can you track something when it doesn’t have GPS?

Some of us don’t realize just how much technology has infiltrated our lives until we have to live without it. GPS, in particular, seems to be everywhere these days—but what happens when your cell phone or laptop doesn’t have an active connection? If you find yourself without a device that can use satellite navigation, don’t worry—there are still ways to figure out where you are and where you need to go. The key is using devices that actually do have access to a satellite. Your trusted smartphone probably won’t help you out in that regard, but there are plenty of other tech solutions at your disposal.

how a Satliet technology works for locating any device.

I had been driving around all day, looking for a place to call home. I had just moved from my home state after college graduation to start a new job; everything was perfect on paper: It was only 60 miles away from my parents’ house and it offered good pay with some room for advancement. I was going to be living close enough for frequent visits with family, but far enough away that I could start over on my own if needed.


How does it do that?

The satellite-based tracking system is called SATLIEF (Secure All-Terrain Land and Electronic Facilitator) and uses a combination of satellites, terrestrial radio signals, on-device receivers, and algorithmic software to triangulate where a device is located. The system was developed by MIT’s Senseable City Lab, which began working on it in 2009 with funding from Google. It was first tested at Burning Man that year, then again in 2011 during Thailand’s Songkran festival, when it helped rescuers find partygoers trapped by rising floodwaters. In 2012 it was used as part of an art installation to monitor pollution levels in a small Italian village.



How do you find an item using this technology?

Satellite searches by using a variety of techniques that include GPS, RFID, and WiFi. Depending on what your phone is able to detect, Satliet gives you an accurate location for your device. For example, if you can’t find your keys but you know they were around when you were in your car, just open up Satliet and type in where you were at when you last saw them. If nothing pops up initially, don’t give up! The satellite will continue to search for any items that are near your phone. Until it finds something that might be yours. It’s perfect for everything from finding a lost backpack to tracking down. A set of car keys that seem to have been hiding under some pillows forever.


Is there anything you cannot track with SATLIEF technology?

SATLIEF allows customers to track everything from employees to people and property. Or to just simply check in on the family. SATLIEF technology can even be used to monitor vehicles. Allowing owners to save money by remotely sensing when it’s time for a service appointment. For example, if your vehicle is low on oil, it will alert you and order a refill. So that you don’t have an unexpected expense later.

 Or if it senses another issue with your car, like a tire going flat or some other safety hazard. Then that means at any given moment over four million of them could conceivably. Send their precise location anywhere else on earth at any given moment! This capability brings unprecedented levels of insight into our lives and daily activities – data that previously was unavailable to us.

 Like many emerging technologies, however, these new advances have also raised privacy concerns; which explains why we focused not only on creating accurate tracking capabilities but also establishing them. Best practices for using our products responsibly.

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