DDo you want to make a mobile game without coding by yourself? In a modern world where everything is going to be simple and easy. A lot of platforms are also available that help you to make your own game without coding. If you don’t know Python, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You don’t need to worry. As you know making a mobile game and publishing it is a profitable business idea. So, you can also start your own business by making a game.

In this blog, I am going to guide you step by step guide from planning a game to how to build it.

Step 1: Plan and Design Your Game:

The first thing you need to create your Masterpiece is to plan your whole process and which type of game you want to create. Planning is key to all processes.

Here are some steps to plan and Design Your game

  • Brainstorming

Describe the main idea that is scrolling in your mind, prepare mockups, and you can play different games that is available already. By playing these games you can get an idea about your future game and this will help you to create your game also.
Think about which type of game you want to create. It may be a puzzle, a different color game, or something else.
  • Target your audience

If you want to make a profitable business by creating and publishing a game. You should decide your audience if you are creating a game for children or for elders.
If you are preparing a game for children, you must spend time with children to know their taste. This will help you to get an idea of which type of content children like. So decide your targeted audience. It is the first step to every business.
  • Gameplay loop

After planning and choosing the right audience for you, the next step is to think about the loop of the game that the player will play again and again. Describe which type of game you want to create like solve puzzles or obstacles type.
  •  Design the Level

After deciding the gameplay loop, design different levels you want to make for a Game. A lot of players want to play a game that is full of challenges. They love to unlock different levels step by step. This also enhances their abilities and if you want to make the difficult game you can use storyboards.

2: How to make a game without coding?

Now you can make a game without coding. Just find a proper platform that will help you to create the best game for yourself. Where you can use drag-and-drop features.
Games without coding are now simple and easy. You can choose the appearance of the game according to engine specifications. If you want to make a complex game, you need some advanced features.
There are also a lot of platforms that allow you to create a game with different effects and music. This makes your game more user-friendly and more catchy. Audiences love to play a game if some game contains music.

Some popular engines to create a game without coding are here.

  1. Construct 3
  2. GameMaker Studio 2
  3. Twine
  4. Build box
  5. Unreal engine
  6. AppGame kit
  7. Godot
  8. Flowlab
  9. Wick editor
  10. Cocos creator
  11. Unity

3: How to build your game with the engine?

The most interesting part of creating a game from the above-mentioned engine is starting here. Here you can turn your creativity into a real game. Different games contain different types of features. Some engines also show their tutorials to help you out. After watching the tutorials, you know about the engine and which type of game you can create from here.

4: Start a game with simple steps:

To create a game, always focus on simple and easy steps. Don’t make it so difficult for yourself. Creativity matters. So, always build the machine first then add different elements later.

Step 5: Test, Refine, and repeat your game

After building a game, it is essential to test your game. If users will play your game and see some issues or bugs, they will not like your game and your game will not be successful. You can play your game again and again. If you face some issues, fix them immediately.
You can become your player to know the bugs and errors.
Gather feedback from your family or friends. You can also ask social media friends to play a game and provide their guidance or reviews about your game. This will help you to enhance the quality of your game.
After testing your game, you can refine your game. If you face any errors or difficulty then refine it.

Step 6: Export and publish your game

Once you have planned your game and after building your game, testing, and refining it. It is time to shine. Now you can export your game. To export Your game, you can follow the instructions from the engine where you have built or created your game.  Follow these instructions and  Export your game.
Always export your game in an acceptable format like app stores.

Step 7: How to market your game?

To market your game, it is very important to write a catchy name and icon for your game. You should clearly describe the idea of your game.
designed your game with a catchy name, then promote your game on different social media platforms to attract players. You can promote it through YouTube Shorts. Read our previous blog post where we explained the potential of YouTube shorts.

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