YouTube is such a platform that is providing a lot of opportunities for creators to make money through different ways. YouTube shorts is a great way to gain much followers and also generate money through it. Here is a lot of way to earn money by YouTube shorts and also in the form of long videos. In this article, will explore the different ways to earn money through YouTube shorts. Before we delve into different ways to make money by YouTube short, it is very important to find niche that will help you to earn money through Youtube shorts.
Have you never heard about Niche? Don’t worry, in this article, I will explain step by step guide that what is niche and how you can select your best niche and how you can turn your niche to generate cash.

How to find a niche for your passion?

If you want to run a successful YouTube shorts channels, you need to find a best niche for yourself. So that you can work on it for long time. A niche will help you to target your focused audience and You Can attract your targeted audience through your shorts. Find your interest, so that you can build your connection to your audience and this will help you to earn money in future from YouTube shorts.

  • Discover your niche:

To discover your niche, you need to find your interest that grab viewers attention. Think about your skill in which are you passionate about. It may be gaming, hobbies or a particular interest. Look forward your interest and working on it. Always remember, you will use your interest to create content for YouTube shorts. Think about that how you can use your interest to create content.

  • Market Research:

To create successful YouTube shorts channels for a long time, you should research market that what is trending nowadays. And if you are turning your hobby or interest into YouTube shorts, are people liking it? or other creator are creating content on these topic. If you select the niche or category that is expired, so this will not helpful for you. So, search out different content and understand the potential niche. Search out what peoples are watching more and how you can grab viewers attention by your content.

  • Create unique content:

if you are getting inspiration from creators or celebrities who are already creating exceptional content. Don’t copy them. Try to create your unique content. Because your uniqueness does matter. Try to build your identity and make your different styles. So that people will love to watch your unique style .

How to create engaging YouTube shorts?

If you want to create an engaging short, you need to first find your niche. A niche is basically your interest or topic on which you are going to make your videos. It may be gaming, cooking, health and fitness tips, beauty and arts, or craft. First you need to pick a niche and then create high quality content and start uploading it on YouTube.

1:Get viewers attention in first seconds:

As in YouTube shorts, you are creating short videos, so always keeping mind that first second are very important. And you can grab your viewers attention in these first 15 second. So, if you are creating YouTube shorts always keep the first 10 or 15 seconds more catchy. You can add attractive music or add an intro that will attract the viewers by surprising elements.

2: Create visually engaging shorts:

To create engaging short, you should use clear and good lighting, your voice should be clear. Avoid background noise and creative transitions that will help you to create visually engaging content.

3: Use trending hashtag and sound:

YouTube offers different trending sounds and it also help creators to create an engaging content by using these trending sounds. If you are creator and making videos without voice, you can use this trending sounds. And when you are uploading these videos, you can use the trending hashtag. Get an idea from the videos that are gaining much popularity in less time. You can also use these hashtags to get more views.

4: Upload videos consistently:

If you want to get popularity on YouTube and you want to engage your viewers, you need to create content regularly. Because the regular content attract the viewers. and your followers and viewers wait for your next videos. Set a time for uploading videos and upload it on time. You can also schedule your videos to upload it on proper time.

here is also different ways to make money as teenager.

Strategies to monetize YouTube shorts:

There are a lot of ways to monetize YouTube shorts. I will explain these different strategies, you can use to monetize shorts.

1: YouTube shorts funds

YouTube shorts fund is a program by YouTube that offers creators to earn by monetizing YouTube shorts. But there is also a specific requirement, if you want to monetize your shorts, you have to meet the requirements by YouTube short funds. To get the latest in formation about YouTube short funds, you can also check out the YouTube policies about its funds.

2: YouTube Partner Program.

If you are running a large YouTube channel with a lot of viewers engagement, you can also create YouTube shorts and participate in YouTube partner program. If YouTube accept you in YouTube partner program, you can show your ads before and after theĀ  shorts. When viewers will watch, you will earn. But here is a requirement to participate in partner program. To join YouTube Partner Program, you should have atleast 1000 followers and 4000 hours watch time in the last year or you should have 10 million views on your shorts videos.

3: Sponsorship or Brand deal

Instead of YouTube shorts funds or YouTube partner program, there is also way to money through sponsorship or brand deals. If your audience grows, different brands or companies will want to collaborate with yiu. Response these brands and collaborate with them. Create sponsored content and generate money through these.

4: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another a great way to earn money by promoting different products through shorts. You can place link of affiliate products in your description and promote these products in your short videos. And tell you the people about the link.


In this article I have explained the step by step guide about how you can find your interest and different ways to make money through YouTube shorts. By using these strategies you can start your earning.
So are you ready to turn your passion into cash? Use these Strategies and make a YouTube shorts channel today.

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