Hello everyone! my name is Riya and I share valuable knowledge based on our experience or our User experience. We collect information to give you valuable knowledge about one particular topic. In today’s blog, I am going to share you my reviews about PollPe app. I will share my reviews and fact about PollPe app. And by considering these facts, you can decide whether you should use this or not.

We all know that the reviews help us to get the more accurate knowledge about one thing. And it also saves your time a lot. PollPe is Basically an earning application that is available on Play Store. A lot of users are using this. If you also want to earn money through pollPe app, these reviews will be helpful to you. And getting my reviews you can decide whether you will be able to earn through it or not.

How to use PollPe application?

As you all know that PollPe application is available on Play Store. So, you can find this application on it. After downloading this application, interface of this app will be shown to you. To know all the information about how to earn on PollPe, can click on earn option given on the below of app. There are lot of option available to earn money like lucky wheel, daily streak, tasks and many more. You can collect coins by participating in these tasks. Your earning will be shown in your wallet.

Here is also a lot of option available to withdraw your money like UPi, Google Play, Amazon, and Flipkart. If you want to withdraw your money, you can tap on any of these option and the collected coin will be shown. You will get the option of available coin. But one of the main reason that many users do not prefer to use it because the available coin did not remain the same with coins that you have earned. If you have collected a lot of coins after participating in so many tasks, and when you tap on any of these option available coin will be less than the actual coin. If we tap on the notifications icon you, here you get the term and conditions of this app. This is clearly shown in terms and condition that you can withdraw only those coins that is available.

Conditions to Earn on PollPe:

It is also mentioned that you can earn coin by daily streak, daily poll, spin, and through refer and earn , and get fully withdrawal from this. But if you participate in Ayet, you get maximum 90% withdrawal, your  participation in play time, you get maximum 75% withdraw. On cashback, you can get 70% withdraw. This app is not user friendly also.

You can understand this situation that if you are spending much time by participating in these coins and if these are not adding in your available coin. You cannot withdraw your coin. Here you are helpless and you cannot withdraw.

How to withdraw money from PollPe?

To withdraw your money from PollPe, you can simply add your payment method. After applying all these terms and condition, you have collected some coin. You can then simply add your upi and then click on verify. Select your Your amount and click on withdraw

How much money  you can withdraw from PollPe?

After collecting the coins, you can withdraw RS 30 first. And after getting your first withdraw,   the next withdraw would be shown 50rs to you.

Is PollPe app Real or fake?

A lot of you there that are already working on PollPe app providing their reviews that after collecting a lot of coins and fullfil all the terms and conditions, when the tap on withdraw, it says you have to complete three more task to redeem these coins.

Terms and conditions for available coin is different than the redeemption condition.  The redeemption condition says that if you want to redeem around 10 to 29 Rupees, then you have to complete three more tasks. And if you want to redeem 30 to 49 rupees, you have to complete 4 task and then so on. so, this is not real app in my opinion.


So, in my opinion this app is not worthy to use. Because this is the only app that has a lot of terms and conditions. And if you fulfill the first condition then the second condition will be given to you to withdraw your coin. It waste your time and this app is not valuable for you. You can learn different skills to make money online like Youtube is also a best platform where you can earn money by creating your content.

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It is our Reviews and you can also check this app by yourself.


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