Are you a WhatsApp user and if I ask you “Do you love WhatsApp”? you will say “Yes”. because WhatsApp is the most common and the most popular app every user whether he is using Android, iOS, or iPhone always keeps WhatsApp in his system.
With so many advanced features, WhatsApp has become more popular day by day. A lot of mind blowing apps for WhatsApp users are also available.

WhatsApp allows you to connect with your friends, family, and everyone all over the world. It takes great care of the privacy of its users and provides the feature of end-to-end encryption. There is no third other than you and your chat fellow, unable to read your messages.

So, where you can send texts, make video calls, and post your status, and voice messages. These are all features of WhatsApp, but have you ever thought your chat could be cooler?
Definitely! We want to make our chat more fun. I am going to share you Top 10 mind blowing apps for WhatsApp users that will blow your mind and you can make your chat more enjoyable. These apps will make your life more colorful by using advanced features of these apps.
So, if you are a WhatsApp lover, you will try these apps. These must-have apps will help you to improve your productivity. Are you ready to impress your fellows and family with the cool superpower of these apps while using them during your chat? They will ask you how are you doing all this.

Let’s dive into the list of top 10 must-have apps for WhatsApp users.

  1. WAMR
  2. Notify
  3. Status saver
  4. Transcriber for Whatsapp
  5. WhatsRemoved
  6. WABox
  7. Sticker maker
  8. Cropshop
  9. App Lock
  10. AutoResponder for Whatsapp


We all know that WhatsApp has a variety of features. One of its most popular features is “delete for everyone”. Everyone who wrote something mistakenly, delete it immediately before our read. It increases curiosity about what has been deleted. We want to read it. But there is no feature to read this deleted message on WhatsApp. It is one of the best mind blowing apps for WhatsApp users

WAMR is designed to help you to recover your deleted messages on WhatsApp. It works on Android, iPhone, and PC devices, download it anywhere.

Download it from the App Store.


  • Recover your data
  • Interfaces are user-friendly
  • You can choose which file you want to recover
  • Detect automatically all media
  • Use it offline


  • Compatibility issue
  • Not an official app
  • Limited feature
  • Risk of data loss

2: Status saver

If you want to save someone’s status on WhatsApp, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to download this. Sometimes, we love someone’s status and want to use it for our status. You can download it without telling him or her to send you. So, status saver helps you to download status on your device. You can save status in your gallery directly from the status saver. It downloads both videos and photos.
We all know that WhatsApp has a feature to disappear your status after every 24 hours. If you want to save your disappeared status on your device for a long time. You can use a status saver to keep your status for a long time on your mobile phone.


  • You can download both photos and videos.
  • Share the status directly with other apps
  • Organize your saved status
  • You can also set the notification of a new status


  • Save memories
  • Share with others
  • Status backup
  • Organise status


  • Third-party app
  • Privacy concern

3: Personal Sticker Maker

Sometimes we get bored by using the same boring and old stickers in our WhatsApp. So, if you want to have some fun and add some personal stickers on your WhatsApp, a personal sticker maker will help you to chat with more fun.
You can create stickers of your photos, And add some text and emojis to your stickers also to make them more interesting.

Here are some tips to make a more interesting sticker

  • To make your best sticker you should use a high-quality picture
  • Make it simple
  • You can play with different fonts and text colors to make it better.
  • Add some text and emojis
  • While creating your sticker enjoy your creativity


  • Boost you are creativity
  • Add fun to your life
  • Express yourself
  • You can promote businesses and brands from your stickers
  • Create any type of stickers by using Text and Colours for images


  • Time taking process
  • Limited feature
  • Drain your battery

4: App Lock

In today’s world, where a lot of apps have been introduced. We always stay concerned about our privacy. Similarly, we want to secure our private chats on WhatsApp. If you also want to add a strong privacy layer and lock your WhatsApp in the situation of someone browsing your mobile. You can download App Lock to add an extra layer of protection to your WhatsApp.
You can lock your WhatsApp with, character numeric, and fingerprint lock.
If you download AppLock, your chat and all the media on WhatsApp are now secure. And no one else can see your photos, videos, and chats instead of you.


  • Multiple lock option
  • You can hide the app icon from the mobile home screen.
  • Change the Apps icon
  • You can also receive notifications on whether someone tries to open your lock.
  • Lock Whatsapp from any pattern like PIN, fingerprint, password, or pattern to add a strong layer of privacy.

Here are some benefits if you use AppLock for your WhatsApp

  • It improves your security
  • Makes your WhatsApp secure
  • Gives you peace of mind that your conversation is secure and totally
  • if someone uses your mobile
  • You can also add different apps on AppLock to secure the apps you want to make safe.

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