Imagine! make money by typing your fingers on keyboard. It sounds pretty much cool. You must probably thinking that if it is possible or not to find typing job and make money from the comfort of your home by just moving fingers on your favorite keyboard whether it is a mobile or laptop or PC. So, yes it is possible in today’s digital world and there are plethora of new and genuine ways to make money by typing job as a female in Pakistan.

Are you really interest in finding a typing job as a female and want to make money by just typing from your fingers? So in today’s blog I am going to share you best typing jobs for female and an can do it also. I am also working as a typing master and make it the first source of my income for the rest of my living. You can also do the same thing. The best typing jobs that I am going to share you in this blog are the real and I’m sharjng with you on my on experience. I am listing the best typing jobs below. we can read step by step about the descriptions of typing jobs and find the best jobs for yourself.

Typing job as a female in Pakistan is a flexible and exciting way to work in your favourite hours and make extra money. Literally you can start your career in online world of typing and there would be no need to find any job offline. As you know that online world opens up a great and fascinating opportunities for everyone to generate passive income then any offline job. Are you worrying about a best keyboard for typing jobs and you want to do without any investment. So, here is a good news for you that you can also do typing job from your simple mobile.

The list of the best and my favourite typing job as a female are listed below! check these out.

1: Data entry jobs
2: transcriptionist
3: content writing
4: virtual assistant
5: customer services
6: medical billing and coding
7: online typing job boards
8: training program
9: freelance writer
10: blogger
11: copywriter
12: song writer
13: bookkeeper
14: subtitle and caption writer
15: Web developer

1: Data Entry Jobs

Data into job is in demand in today’s digital world. And everyone needs it whether it is a store that want to keep record of their prices and a doctor who write the record of their patients in computer files, in any field data entry jobs has a great importance.
Data entry jobs you can anywhere. If you are interested in Hospital jobs you can also write for doctors about the details and descriptions of medicine and also make the record of patient. It depends on your interest that what type of jobs you want to do for data entry. First of all, you need to find your interest and search the best category and place in your own area or you can also do it online.

Start Data Entry Job: Step by step

Here is a lot of online stores that needs people to do their data entry. You can do it in your own timing. There is no need of any extraordinary skills for data entry job. The only thing you need to do is some practice, smart skills of computers. If you can type well, and have some sense of you can try your best to find the best data entry job. You enjoy job from the comfort of your home. It does not matter whether what are you wearing. Here is no need to wear a coat, or tie a tie. You can do your typing job in your normal pajamas, or sitting on a couch, or eating something. Just keep your mobile and laptop in front of you and start your typing and make money.
Data entry can open up a carrier for your online project management or data analysis.
If you want to start your data typing job just start typing. Here is a lot of platform that are looking for data entry workers like indeed, Upwork, fiverr, and freelance. Here is a million of jobs for data entry is available .
You can find the data entry jobs here.

2: Song Writing job

Song writing jobs seems some different thing to make money by just writing song. Everyone love to listen song and we also make some different lyrics in your own imaginations. So, if you are passionate about writing lyrics of song you can turn your passion into career of song writing job.
To become a best song writer, you need to enhance your skill, and practice stars pops. Just write the catchy lyrics that attract the listeners. Write on different topics and try to sing these lyrics in your own accent. Learn some skill to write a best song ,you can find different videos on YouTube. A lot of videos Also available there already. Get knowledge. You can also get the mentorship of the best song writers and follow them.

How to start a song writing job?

To become a best song writer, work with different peoples in your own area and your friends and family. Seek their feedback that what are you thinking about your work. You can also collaborate with different musicians and singers online and can also meet up with them.

To start your career, you can also make different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and can also share your work in the form of short reels. Short reels is great way to get popularity in short period of time. A lot of different options available on Tik Tok Trends, Facebook reel where different peoples upload their lyrics are music and so many people use them they make money.

To show your portfolios, build up your website and contact with different brand and companies. Follow the trend and listen the popular music and follow the popular artist on social media platform. Learn the skills of song writing from them and sing it in your own voice.

It is not necessary that at your first early stage you get a lot of success. You can also face the failure. Keep your expectation real. Here is ups and downs in this field and if you face failure, just face them and grow yourself and enhance your skills day by day.
A lot of freelance platform that offers song writing jobs. If you are a beginner you can also find the best job on Upwork, Fiverr and freelance. Because a lot of people starting their carrier, find a lot of song writers on these plate forms. Just try your best and if you become expert in song writing,you can also try on these master platforms like, Songtrust, tunecore.

3: Subtitle and caption writing job

This is another the best way to make money by just typing subtitles are captions. In this field, you just need to listen videos and write captions are subtitles of these. This is such type of a job that require little effort and you can generate literally passive amount of income. You just need to type on keyboard. Here is a lot of youtubers , or companies, or Tv or reality shows who organised different online shows, and need subtitle writer. So that other people in any country can also understand their videos. This help them to gain popularity globally and get more views. So, if you are good listener and want to earn money by just writing, you must try this out. A lot of platforms that offer song writing jobs, one of them is freelance, and Upwork.

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